The Train Series

My 3 year old likes to take pictures with my camera.  The other day he disappeared with it and these are the pictures that were on the memory card.  Because I’m his mother, and terribly biased, I think they’re quite good.

This is the Train Series


Craft Projects Gone Wrong

I like to do crafts with The Peanut, but occasionally I just set him up with some markers and let him do his own thing.

Sometimes it works, and sometimes…

…this happens

…or this…

And then sometimes Papa takes over and does something like this…

Peanut’s new car

A HUGE box from arrived yesterday.  I told The Peanut it was big enough for him and that he should get in and I’d tape it shut and we’d send him to Utah to see his Aunt.  He said “no” so we made a car instead 🙂

that red “button” is the siren.  He kept his finger on it the whole time, waddling around the house yelling “wee oooo weeee oooo weeee oooo” like an ambulance!

Maybe I should add suspender straps so it’ll stay up better