NOM NOM NOM… tricking toddlers into eating veggies

I’m so lucky that my kids LOVE eggs.  Makes it easy to hide veggies.  I whip something up, stir it into eggs and then fry it up like regular scrambled eggs.  Today I cooked some sausage then, while it cooled I threw some kale, onion and mushrooms into the food processor.  Then I added the sausage so it would be easy to combine with the egg.

The sausage was a big link, like a brat you’d have on a roll.

I combined it with about 1 cup of kale, one large baby bella mushroom, some scallions and about 1TBS white onion

It doesn’t look very appetizing, I know.. but it’s a bit like meatloaf.  Just a little green from all the kale.

I stirred in two eggs.  I had two toddlers and me to feed and with the sausage that was plenty.


It was kind of like pancake batter and I spooned it onto a hot (but not too hot) griddle.  I kept the heat low so they wouldn’t brown too much, just form mini scrambled egg pancakes.


After cooling, the baby was able to pick them up and feed himself =)


And he ate about 5 of them!


The Toddler, who insists on drawing while eating (my little artist) asked for seconds!  That’s the mark of a yummy meal because this skinny kid HATES to take time out of his busy drawing and playing schedule to eat!


Amounts are not exact, I just use the things I have laying around and try to get the proportions right so it tastes good.  I use a lot of kale because I view it as a “super-food”.  Any very dark greens are good for things like this and it’s a great way to get little ones to get greens and other veg in their diets.  We mostly do grain/gluten free meals although I am a cheater and eat pizza sometimes.  I believe a paleo/primitive diet is good for MS as well as other health issues.


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