Out on the trail.

Today we went for a hike in a state park.  I figured it wouldn’t be too bad in the shade of the trees.

 I also figured it would be an easy walking trail with plenty of benches along the path (so I could stop and nurse the Nugget if necessary) then the Peanut could play in the dirt with sticks or something.  I figured wrong.  It was nice under the shade of the trees but it was a narrow path made for mountain biking and real hiking.

The wheels of the stroller barely fit the width of the trail.

There was a lot of steep terrain with tree roots sticking up making it difficult to push the stroller but the Peanut was running along talking about trains as happy as a clam…

until we walked for about an hour.


Then it became difficult to get him to keep up.

And all he wanted to do was rest and play in the dirt.

 Someone had told us that there was a playground tucked in there somewhere and to watch for a trail that went off to the left.  We never found it and I figured two hours (an hour in and an hour back to the car) was all my old MS body and my 3 year old could handle.   So we started the long journey back to the car.

We saw some neat things on the way back…
Like this tree with the vine wrapping around it.
And this cute little mushroom.
And this gorgeous dragonfly.
Despite the heat and humidity …and struggling to control the stroller… and worrying about heat exhaustion with multiple sclerosis… we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again.  Next time we’ll get the trail map so we can find the playground.  And I think I’ll bring an ice pack to wear under my shirt!

The Nugget’s first date

Yesterday was Memorial Day.  We went on base to spend some time with a friend who has a little one just a few weeks older than The Nugget.  We grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and steak.. so good!  I figured a holiday was a good time to stray from the diet so I had two burgers and a few chips, YUM!  I guess my metabolism is getting better because even though I cheated today’s weigh in was a 1/2 pound less than Sunday’s!  As the weight has been coming off I’ve been feeling a little more agile and able to do some light exercising with the kids.  That and the way my shakes are formulated must be doing the trick.  I was relieved I hadn’t gained 2 lbs!


After we ate the babies got a chance to play.  SO CUTE!  It was so fun to see them together.

She was ALL over him…

…but he played “hard to get”

All in all they had a great time

And we are looking forward to the next visit 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day.