Dr Terry Wahls

I am a huge fan of Dr Terry Wahls.  Everyday I work a little harder to incorporate her diet into my family’s lives.  She started this to help MS but I believe it’s helping many many illnesses and it’s just a smart way to look at food and nutrition.  So, take a look at her book, it might have something useful for you in it!  You never know how changing the way you eat will really affect the way you feel, until you do it.

From Terry’s fb status update this evening: “Chronic infections (lyme or chlamydia for example) may contribute to MS type of symptoms. Often improving vitamin D status, reducing burden of toxins, eating for health (greens, sulfur, color etc.) will dramatically improve your immune cells’ ability to control the chronic infections. Antibiotics without addressing all of diet/ lifestyle issues will be of limited benefit. Learn more about eating to make it easier to clear those infections from my book MINDING MY MITOCHONDRIA ~ Terry Wahls”

Check out Terry’s Book here 


Kale Pancakes for Breakfast

He actually loved them, don’t let that expression fool you.


NOM NOM NOM… tricking toddlers into eating veggies

I’m so lucky that my kids LOVE eggs.  Makes it easy to hide veggies.  I whip something up, stir it into eggs and then fry it up like regular scrambled eggs.  Today I cooked some sausage then, while it cooled I threw some kale, onion and mushrooms into the food processor.  Then I added the sausage so it would be easy to combine with the egg.

The sausage was a big link, like a brat you’d have on a roll.

I combined it with about 1 cup of kale, one large baby bella mushroom, some scallions and about 1TBS white onion

It doesn’t look very appetizing, I know.. but it’s a bit like meatloaf.  Just a little green from all the kale.

I stirred in two eggs.  I had two toddlers and me to feed and with the sausage that was plenty.


It was kind of like pancake batter and I spooned it onto a hot (but not too hot) griddle.  I kept the heat low so they wouldn’t brown too much, just form mini scrambled egg pancakes.


After cooling, the baby was able to pick them up and feed himself =)


And he ate about 5 of them!


The Toddler, who insists on drawing while eating (my little artist) asked for seconds!  That’s the mark of a yummy meal because this skinny kid HATES to take time out of his busy drawing and playing schedule to eat!


Amounts are not exact, I just use the things I have laying around and try to get the proportions right so it tastes good.  I use a lot of kale because I view it as a “super-food”.  Any very dark greens are good for things like this and it’s a great way to get little ones to get greens and other veg in their diets.  We mostly do grain/gluten free meals although I am a cheater and eat pizza sometimes.  I believe a paleo/primitive diet is good for MS as well as other health issues.