Play Date Painting

Today we got to have a play date with friends we don’t get to see very often.  It was a lot of fun.  As a craft we did some painting.  My Mommy friend painted this happy scene of a lovely waterfront house with a boat and lush trees and sunshine…

Her daughter painted this fine example of color exploration, focusing on yellow, green and blue with a perfect splash of red.

My son, on the other hand, painted this, um, black hole…

…which either means his life is a soulless dark pit of despair…

… or he wants to be an astronaut.  Either way.


My little piggy.

My two boys couldn’t be any more different.  The first born has rarely ever sat and eaten an entire meal.  He hasn’t got time, too busy building mass transit rails and roadways for the trains and trucks.  Occasionally he’ll be in the mood for bacon and eggs but usually only eats half before he’s off playing again.  He does eat, he just doesn’t like to sit still and eat.

But, here he is chowing down on seaweed salad for the first time.

He still likes his seaweed salad… but all in all he’d rather be playing.
The new baby, on the other hand is FASCINATED by food.  I guess I noticed it on one of our pizza nights.  He seemed so interested in what we were doing so I gave him some crust.  Oh, he was a happy baby boy!  He just gnawed on it until there was nothing left.
While feeding him mashed potatoes he started crying.  I thought he was done but tried to slip one more bite in… he wasn’t done!!! He started crying because I wasn’t feeding him quickly enough!  He stopped crying as soon as I got the spoon near him again!  Then he grabbed the spoon!  I left him to play with the bowl and feed himself.  He was HAPPY!
The other day my friend made coconut cream pie and I was there to have a taste.  I had to nurse the little guy so she offered to bring me a piece on a plate.  That kid smelled it coming, popped off my breast and turned himself over smacking his hand right into my piece of pie.  Oh, he was PLEASED!  Licked the creamy goodness off his paw and kept reaching for more.  I had to stop trying to eat it because he kept grabbing for my fork!  So, my friend took him so I could eat.  She had her piece on the arm of the couch.  Wouldn’t you know, that kid was lunging with all his might at that piece of pie!  We tried to give a bite to the toddler (had to interrupt a serious play session with some trucks, trains and cars).  He was not impressed.  Tried to pull it out of his mouth with a tissue and started gagging.  A very different reaction from his little brother.
I think the boy’s favorite is avocado.  That food earns a smile like no other =)
All in all, I’d say this kid is one happy eater!  This is a new experience for us.  We’re used to bribing the toddler to get him to eat, even if it’s something he likes!  This one even tried to get my turkey sandwich this evening!  Man, he can lunge for stuff!
We are trying a method called Baby-Led Weening.  I don’t know enough to give any expert opinions or advise so check out the book or the fb pages for more accurate info.  Basically, we’re not spoon feeding him rice cereal.  We are giving him foods that we eat (but starting out slowly, one food at a time.. like avocado, banana, toast, noodles etc.) and letting him decide how to get it to his mouth and how to masticate it properly.  For me BLW has removed a lot of stress from mealtimes (any stress I can eliminate is a good thing when trying to manage MS).  Soon, he’ll just be eating what we eat..  and I don’t have to puree anything or buy jar after jar of baby food!  Wish I’d known about this 3 years ago!
Our first attempt at Baby-Led Weening (our first food) was watermelon.  It was delightful to watch.  His hand/eye coordination was not great so he couldn’t quite get the watermelon up off his tray, so he squeezed all the juice out and then licked his hands.  Oh!  The squeals of delight!!!

The Train Series

My 3 year old likes to take pictures with my camera.  The other day he disappeared with it and these are the pictures that were on the memory card.  Because I’m his mother, and terribly biased, I think they’re quite good.

This is the Train Series

Peanut’s new car

A HUGE box from arrived yesterday.  I told The Peanut it was big enough for him and that he should get in and I’d tape it shut and we’d send him to Utah to see his Aunt.  He said “no” so we made a car instead 🙂

that red “button” is the siren.  He kept his finger on it the whole time, waddling around the house yelling “wee oooo weeee oooo weeee oooo” like an ambulance!

Maybe I should add suspender straps so it’ll stay up better 

The Nugget’s first date

Yesterday was Memorial Day.  We went on base to spend some time with a friend who has a little one just a few weeks older than The Nugget.  We grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and steak.. so good!  I figured a holiday was a good time to stray from the diet so I had two burgers and a few chips, YUM!  I guess my metabolism is getting better because even though I cheated today’s weigh in was a 1/2 pound less than Sunday’s!  As the weight has been coming off I’ve been feeling a little more agile and able to do some light exercising with the kids.  That and the way my shakes are formulated must be doing the trick.  I was relieved I hadn’t gained 2 lbs!


After we ate the babies got a chance to play.  SO CUTE!  It was so fun to see them together.

She was ALL over him…

…but he played “hard to get”

All in all they had a great time

And we are looking forward to the next visit 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day.

What Nots (our rejected list of baby names)

I’d like to share a list of names considered (brought up in jest, I hope) by Papa and myself while I was pregnant with The Nugget.  Some words may sound like they’d make a good baby name, but when considering the meaning of the word they really aren’t a good choice (for most of us anyway, no offense if you’ve decided differently)!

Some baby names we opted NOT to use were Pestilence, Capacity, Atrocity, Captivity, Shallow and Stiletto.

Papa really wanted “Malice” for a girl, fortunately it was not a girl in my belly.

Others we decided against: Cemetery, Deathblade, Darkwing, Soultaker, Ferocity, Velocity, Decay, Mutiny, Decadence, Calamity, Havoc, Mediocrity, Contagious, Virus

This list is still growing (even though The Nugget was born already) as Papa comes up with new ones almost everyday.  I try to get them recorded but I usually forget.

And Happy Memorial Weekend!  Thank you to all the men and women serving our country.  I’m proud of my husband, and happy to be a military spouse.

In my “free time” I like to make stuff…

I am busy.  I have two boys under 3, I am running a business from home, and I have Multiple Sclerosis which limits my daily activity.  But when I can, I really like to spend time drawing and making baby clothes.  This is The Nugget modeling one of my designs.  I love giving this design for baby showers because it works well for a boy or a girl.. as long as Mommy and Daddy like sugar skulls, that is!

6 Pounds down in only 2 weeks YAY!

I can’t believe it.  I really can’t believe it.  I haven’t really done anything special except cut out all the crap I was eating, added some healthier snack and meal replacement options and I’ve been trying to exercise as much as an old broken down 40 year old with Multiple Sclerosis can.  I’ve actually lost 6 pounds.  6 pounds!  Holy cow!  6 pounds in 2 weeks!  I’m so excited!  I can wear last summer’s pants again (and just in time too, it’s HOT out).  No more maternity pants!

It’s amazing how little yet how much 6 lbs can mean!  First, there’s the added confidence, that feeling that I can actually do this!  Second, I don’t need to buy new fat girl pants!  That rocks!  It’s so cool how losing weight can be the motivation for losing more weight!  It’s a little addictive.. although, I’d be lying if I didn’t say a bag of salt-n-vinegar chips wouldn’t go to waste right now.

I went to a birthday party on Sunday and I was really good.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t starve myself, I had 2 big plates of food.  But I didn’t have any coke (my favorite) or any cake (my other favorite).  I was please that even with all the food I still managed to stay on track.

The Peanut with a new friend eating pretzels at the party