Craft Projects

I try to do a craft project with The Peanut at least once a week, preferably more often but it seems like we’re always so busy.  Here’s a few I’d like to share and I LOVE to get ideas from you!  (Please post them in the comments section and I’ll probably email you for pix.)

This year for Easter I thought it would be fun to paint ostrich eggs.  There were so beautiful I had them in a bowl on the table for a while before we began decorating.  They’re like pieces of ceramic.  I knew Peanut would like it because he spent hours painting his Halloween pumpkin.

Painting an ostrich egg for Easter this year

The painted egg

We go for walks almost everyday and as spring approached The Peanut and I started talking about how the little white blossoms on the trees looked like popcorn balls… so we made a popcorn tree.  I placed the trunk and the hills but let The Peanut glue everything else down.  He LOVES playing with glue.  The sun was his first time using scissors all by himself.

Popcorn Tree

A favorite project was the apple tree.  I cut out the pieces and let him go to town.

We have a lot of fun making sculptures.  All you need is a little florists’ foam, some foil and anything to stick in it.  Pipe cleaners are great.  We decided to pick up sticks on a morning walk and then paint them when we got home.  The Peanut napped while the paint dried then we stuck the sticks into the foil covered foam base .  I think next time we’ll use smaller sticks, it didn’t stand up on its own very well but we had such a great time making it!
View from the top
Our first diorama
This was made with an empty diaper box.  I lined the box with card stock paper and cut out the fish, crab, starfish and seaweed.  Then The Peanut colored them using window crayons.  Next time we’ll use sand paper for the bottom instead of yellow paper.  He still says goodnight to the fish =)

One thought on “Craft Projects

  1. I am totally stealing your fish diarrhea project. I had no idea you were Becky Home-Ecky. Great stuff on here. Keep up the good work. Great hustle. Now get in there and show ’em what you got. *ass pat* Now go get ’em, tiger! Atta girl.

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